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What I Will Need From You


JOHN CRAGGNotary Public

The Notary Who Travels to You

What I Will Need From You

I will need evidence of your ID and production of the following at our first meeting:-1. Your passport or another document providing adequate pictorial identification.2. A utility bill or bank statement confirming your home address. 3. The document needing notarisation.4. A translation of the document if it is not printed in English. Any overseas lawyer involved will usually provide a translation if asked and and some documents are printed in both English and the the language of the country where they will be used. 5. Any related documents or correspondence.

It is always useful to see the document before your appointment so that requirements for execution and any queries can be resolved beforehand. Email is particularly useful in this respect, and if the document has come to you by this route I will ask you to forward a copy, together with any email or other note from the overseas lawyer stipulating requirements for execution.