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Notarial Services

An important feature of my practice is that subject to your location I will usually be able save you the time and trouble of having to come to my office by travelling to you at no further charge

JOHN CRAGGNotary Public

Notarial Services - What a Notary Does

A Notary is a public officer who is qualified to practise and holds a practising certificate issued by the Faculty Office. The main function of the Notary is to assist with the execution of legal documents, particularly those required for use overseas, making sure that the formalities for execution both here and and in the country where the document will be used are followed

Notaries also take and administer oaths and provide certified certified copies of original documents

In some circumstances additional formalities may be required, including formal confirmation of the notary's signature as well by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (Apostille) and/or production to the Embassy or Consulate of the country concerned (consularisation). These procedures can be dealt with via my agents in the locations concerned. We can quickly establish at the outset whether or not any of these additional formalities are required.

I provide all the above services and am committed to doing so for my clients in as swift and uncomplicated a manner as possible and always at an economic rate. I will keep you informed at all times throughout your matter and will explain all legal procedures, however complicated, in language of today. Notarisation may be new to you and if you would like a preliminary discussion then please do not hesitate to phone or email me for an initial and informal conversation.